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Shopifys Headless Commerce Solution

Top innovative brands utilise Shopify Plus for headless commerce. Is your business going to join them? If Shopify headless commerce is the right solution for your brand, our team can help.

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What Is Headless Commerce?

When an eCommerce website is built, two layers of a store co-exist together. These layers are known as the 'front end' and the 'back end' of a website. For those of you wondering how it all works, essentially, everything on the front end is for users to view, whilst everything at the back is handled internally by the technical team of a business.

Typically, these components are married, packaged and controlled simultaneously from the back end of an eCommerce store, but headless commerce operates a little differently.

With a headless structure, these layers are entirely separate entities and communicate with one another via application programming interfaces (APIs).

The key difference that headless commerce brings to the table is that any changes made to the back end of a website will not affect the front end or vice versa. For instance, if a digital user were to interact with a web page, the device/ application in use would send instructions from the front end to the back end of a website to be actioned individually.

What Does Headless Commerce Mean For Shopify?

Essentially, Shopify headless commerce is like a unique form of architecture that brings possible customisations and control to the table for online stores on the Shopify Plus platform. With Shopify headless commerce, merchants have full control over the fate of their store’s design and digital performance.

So, now that developers have more time to spare. Their attention and expertise can focus solely on more complex tasks that directly impact the back end of an eCommerce website (for instance - developing progressive web applications (PWAs), while the team focus on store performance. Ultimately, this solution gets products to market faster, improving conversions and customer experiences along the way.

Why Do Businesses Choose Shopify Headless Commerce?

It’s a well-known fact that the most innovative brands across the world use Shopify Plus for headless commerce, so here’s a quick breakdown of the platform’s benefits

Shopify Design Mobile First


With Shopify headless commerce, merchants can turn virtually any screen into a digital storefront. From web pages and mobile apps to smart mirrors and wearables, anything is possible for the stores that join the Shopify Plus enterprise.

Freedom To Develop

With a headless Shopify store comes the freedom to develop. This means that a development team will be able to build a store with the languages and frameworks that they are used to using. Thus, making a store easy to curate.

Content Management

As we’re sure you know, content management is a crucial part of every online business, but with Shopify Plus, the stores that choose to go headless will be able to publish content updates across their storefronts instantly via the existing content management system.

Omnichannel Sales

Additionally, Shopify headless commerce allows merchants to start selling their products across all of the digital mediums that customers use and the best part is that everything can be managed from one single back end.

Unlock Creative Control

Shopify headless commerce separates a store’s back end infrastructure from front end customer touchpoints. So essentially, this means that merchants can build new selling opportunities anywhere while managing everything from one central location. With Shopify Plus, headless commerce couldn't be easier.

Build Headless Commerce With Trustworthy Tools

Shopify headless commerce also provides merchants with trustworthy tools at their fingertips. Shopify Plus stores can design speedy, seamless and engaging storefronts for the web and mobile alongside video games and more by utilising the GraphQL Storefront API.

Shopify Plus merchants will also find that they can plug in their essential tools and systems such as; ERP, PIM, CRM, and CMS that the business has come to count on. Personal tech stack can also be brought to the table, meaning that the team can build quickly using the tools of their choosing.

Whatsmore is that Shopify Plus Partners are on hand to deliver the headless experience that your team has been imagining. It’s an exciting time to take advantage of Shopify’s headless commerce solution.

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