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What is a Headless Website? 🖥️

What does headless architecture mean? Typically, the front end and back end of traditional website commerce are married, packaged and controlled simultaneously.

Everything on the front end of a website is to benefit the user, whereas the back end is where technical teams do business.

However, in headless architecture, these layers are entirely separate entities and communicate with one another via application programming interfaces (APIs).

Therefore, any changes made to the back end will not affect the front end or vice versa, as headless commerce operates as a decoupled content management system (CMS).

What is Shopify Headless Commerce?

Shopify headless commerce is a unique form of headless architecture, delivering innovative customisation capabilities and unlimited control to merchants on Shopify Plus.

Thanks to the Shopify headless commerce architecture, professional Shopify developers like us here at Karmoon have additional time to devote towards complex back-end tasks.

Shopify Plus is one of the top headless commerce platforms, presenting powerful capabilities to enterprise-level businesses across the globe.

Integrating with a variety of leading content management systems (CMS) and front-end solutions, Shopify headless commerce can turn any screen into a virtual storefront!

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Shopify Headless Checkout

One key difference in the comparison between headless commerce vs traditional commerce is the customer's experience at the checkout.

A headless checkout enables customers to place orders virtually anywhere by separating the checkout and payments experience from online stores.

This way, shoppers can buy a product on the spot from a promotional email, a sponsored article, an Instagram post, or through any other digital avenue, making the prospect of generating sales easier than traditional commerce checkouts.

What are the Benefits of Headless Commerce?

The innovative headless architecture benefits of Shopify Plus are second to none, as merchants can turn virtually any screen into a digital storefront.

Shopify Plus merchants can also leverage more control and flexibility over their store's visual expression and customer experience without restricting template structures in place.

Omnichannel sales just became a whole lot easier too, thanks to Shopify's headless architecture, as merchants can now sell products to their customers across all digital mediums while everything is managed from one back end.

Additionally, Shopify experts are granted a little something we like to call "developer freedom". This means that Shopify developers can build the finest storefronts with the tools they know and love in unison with Shopify's built-in tools.

Shopify Headless CM

Elevate your store with the Shopify headless CM (content management) solution by fuelling your business with trustworthy tools and resources.

Merchants on Shopify Plus can utilise fast loading, seamless designs and engaging custom storefronts for the web and mobile, not to mention video games and more with the GraphQL Shopify headless API.

The Shopify headless commerce architecture enables essential tools and systems to be integrated into its core. For instance, headless CMS such as Contentful and Storyblok can be implemented here alongside; ERPs, PIMs and CRMs that successful Shopify Plus stores have come to rely on.

Personal tech stacks can also be brought forward, allowing tech teams like ours to build using the tools we swear by and Karmoon's Shopify experts are on hand to deliver the headless commerce experience you require - anytime, anywhere!

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