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Headless Commerce

Losing your head over headless?↘

Not sure whether going headless is right for your online business? Our team of dedicated Shopify experts are here to help.

Headless Commerce

In a nutshell, [headless commerce](link to Landing Page - Shopify Headless Commerce) is an ecommerce solution for online stores to manage and deliver content without the presence of a front end delivery layer.

Instead of controlling everything that happens at the front of a site through the back end, APIs will be used to deliver; products, blog posts and customer reviews to any device.

How Does It Work?

A headless ecommerce system functions by passing on requests between the layers of presentation and application via web services or application programming interface (API) calls.

The Benefits

The benefits of headless commerce are plenty, but here are 7 reasons why we believe brands made the switch:

  • Headless commerce is truly omnichannel as it helps to propel content.
  • Online businesses are not required to roll out an update to the entire system, meaning that stores can deliver on a faster and competitive scale.
  • Thanks to the agile marketing and flexibility provided by headless commerce, marketing teams can set up a new site in days as opposed to months.
  • Personal customer experience and consistency are delivered through CMSs, mobile apps and social channels.
  • Brands can be added to any new device, expanding opportunities and customer outreach with seamless integration.
  • Improved conversion optimisation cycles can be run alongside one another, helping businesses to achieve a better understanding of the customer.
  • As content and products are housed centrally, they can be delivered via API anywhere which facilitates a faster time to market when adopting new channels and entering new regions.

The Drawback

Developers will be required to troubleshoot their front end creations, which will lead to ongoing costs beyond the initial build.

Shopify Design Mobile First

Shopify Headless Commerce

There’s a range of ecommerce platforms offering APIs that facilitate a headless or decoupled approach to ecommerce, but Shopify Plus is the only platform that we'd recommend moving forward with.

To learn more about Shopify headless commerce in further detail, click the link provided for more information.

Join Shopify Plus

Essentially, Shopify headless commerce is like a unique form of architecture that brings possible customisations and control to the table for online stores on the Shopify Plus platform. With Shopify headless commerce, merchants have full control over the fate of their store’s design and digital performance.

So, now that developers have more time to spare. Their attention and expertise can focus solely on more complex tasks that directly impact the back end of an eCommerce website.

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