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Meeting the Founder

Lewis and I started the design process by meeting some of the Finsterre team in their flagship store in Covent garden. At the time, Lewis was the Head of Project Management and I was the Design Lead at We Make Websites. Meeting the team, especially the Founder, is always the perfect way to start the design process, even better if it's possible to do it a brick and mortar store that captures the essence of brand. This meeting really helped to understand where the brand came from, where it was and where it was going. As the Tom Kay, Finisterre founder, said, "their true north"


True North

After speaking with the Tom, it became clear that their brand was centered around community. They was preparing for one of their brand ambassadors to visit where they was hosting an one of there many events. Surfing and explorer enthusiast can come and chat with each other and their brand ambassadors and just enjoy some good music.

They were also migrating over a huge blog (The Finsterre Broadcast) that had a rather large following. During the design stage, I really focused on this sections and pushed the standard Shopify blog functionality to its limits. Adding image carousels, featured product functionality, promoted image functionality and loads more. Telling the brands story was an important priority as


A delicious Cornish Pasty

With the scale of this project it was important to make sure the Finisterre team knew how to use all of the Shopify Standard and non standard functionality. When the project was complete, Finsterre flew me down to Cornwall for a day long handover, where I would meet with the marketing team, Fulfillment team, designers and ecommerce manager. I guided the team, the best I could, in how to use all Shopify admin and how to use all of the custom features we build for them. Most importantly, they treated me to a delicious Cornish Pasty from their favourite bakers.


"The new site looks fantastic. Orders coming through and everything is running smoothly."

-Victoria Davies, Web and Technology Manager



Thank you Piers and Alex for trusting that I could deliver a great design and build. Designing and Building Finisterre was a huge project and a fantastic opportunity, for that I'll be forever grateful. Thank you We Make Websites.

Tom Kay, Finisterre founder, Victoria and the Finsterre team, thank you for choosing We Make Websites and for all your help, guidance and feedback. Thank you and I hope your site continues perform well.


Take away

Community is so important in brands development Telling the brands story can be achieved at every customer touch point on an ecommerce journey. From creating an account to checking out, you should also feel like you're in the Finsterre world.

If you're ever in Covent garden, visit the Finisterre store. The store assistant there is also a fantastic barista and she makes a wonderful cappuccino.