The Benefits of Shopify Plus

The Benefits of Shopify Plus

Aug 3rd 2020 - 4 minute read

The Benefits of Shopify Plus

Whether you’re looking to set up an ecommerce store on Shopify or you already have one, you’ve probably already come across Shopify’s more robust offering - AKA Shopify Plus.

To accommodate the different types of businesses selling through their platform, Shopify has created a plan with a more comprehensive set of features.

Once they’ve decided to use Shopify as a platform for their online store, many ecommerce founders often ask me the following question: Should I opt for Shopify Plus and what benefits does it offer me over the basic plan?

In a nutshell? It comes down to your needs and business objectives. Read on to find out more about the primary benefits of Shopify Plus.

But first, let’s start by clarifying the differences between Shopify and Shopify Plus:

  • Shopify is designed for small to medium-sized businesses
  • Shopify Plus is built for larger enterprise businesses
  • Although both platforms work in a similar way, Shopify Plus can handle a higher number of transactions

Now that that’s clear, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of it. Here’s where Shopify Plus can offer your business greater benefits than ‘regular’ Shopify:

Shopify Plus allows you to create a customised checkout experience

Want to tailor-make a seamless checkout experience for your audience? Shopify Plus lets you do just that.

Merchants using Shopify Plus can fully customise the standard two-page checkout that a regular Shopify store offers. This means that merchants can alter their checkout experience and make it shorter/longer or fully branded. Businesses can A/B test different checkout experiences to find out what gets them the highest rate of conversion. This isn’t possible on other Shopify plans.

You get unlimited staff accounts

Want your entire team to have admin access to your Shopify store? With Shopify Plus you get unlimited staff accounts, allowing you to grow your admin team.

This isn’t available on other Shopify plans, with the Advanced Shopify plan offering you a maximum of 15 staff accounts

Shopify Plus gives you access to the Launchpad tool to easily plan and automate promotional activities

Shopify Plus gives you access to a great promotional tool called Launchpad. Use this tool to set up and track automated promotional events. This could include product launches or flash sales.

Launchpad makes it super easy for you to schedule such events simply by setting a start and end date with your desired price changes. You can also use the tool to trigger any theme changes during seasonal promotions.

And there’s more. Shopify Plus also includes a real-time analytics dashboard, making it easy for you to measure the success of any promotional events.

Gain exclusive access to Shopify’s priority support team

Sign up for Shopify Plus and you’ll get priority access to their support team. This includes a Launch Manager who can support you during the build of your ecommerce store.

After launch, you’ll have your very own Merchant Success Manager to offer ongoing support. They’ll help you stay on top of any new features and make sure you’re making use of all that Shopify Plus has to offer.

Customise with Script Editor access

Want to customise your store more than a regular Shopify plan allows? Shopify Plus gives you Script Editor access, which means you can write your own custom scripts to add to the shopping experience.

Using Script Editor, you can access functionality that isn’t available through 3rd party apps, such as percentage-based discounts and product bundles. Script Editor access allows you to tailor your customer experience based on your own business logic.

Get wholesale functionality

More recently, Shopify designed a wholesale platform that merchants can access via Shopify Plus. This gives business owners the ability to run a wholesale/B2b website separate to their existing Shopify site. Give buyers access to your password-protected B2B store and add any products that you’d like to sell wholesale with bulk discounts and custom shipping rules.

Increased API limits and faster API call rates

An API is what connects different systems by sending requests and responses between them. With a regular Shopify plan, you’ll find that there’s a set limit on the number of API calls that can take place per app. With Shopify Plus, the cap on total API calls is doubled, which means faster call rates.

Get access to Shopify Flow to manage your workflow

Let’s face it, managing all the little tasks involved in running a Shopify store can get challenging when your store size grows. For instance, things like changing customer status can take up quite a lot of time when you have thousands of customers.

With Shopify Plus, merchants get access to an automation tool called Flow. This enables you to create and manage automated workflows, so you can automate time-consuming tasks like adding customer tags, sending personalised notifications and republishing products. This is one of the most useful Shopify Plus features for businesses looking to scale.

Clone your store up to 9 times with Shopify Plus

Looking to build a global empire? Shopify Plus makes it easy for you to grow your business internationally, as you get 9 additional store clones (such as .com,,, etc). This allows you to set up stores that cater to audiences across a range of international markets, with your product available in different languages and different currencies.

Still unsure whether Shopify Plus is the right choice for you? Or are you just looking for general design and development help with a Shopify project? I have years of experience working on ecommerce projects for a wide range of clients across London, Hertfordshire, Essex and other areas.

Get in touch and I’d be happy to jump on a call or meet for a coffee to discuss your Shopify development needs.