Browsing The Theme Store By Shopify Features

Browsing The Theme Store By Shopify Features

Sep 8th 2021 - 8 minute read

If you’re looking for the perfect theme for your Shopify business, look no further than the Shopify Theme Store. It’ll hold the answers to all of your prayers. From free themes that have been developed by Shopify to paid themes that have been developed by third-party designers, the store offers a vast array of Shopify website templates to merchants on the platform.

We’ve spent many hours admiring the build, design and functionality of each Shopify theme and we got to thinking...

Here in the journal we’ve talked about the latest Shopify themes, the best Shopify themes, the OS 2.0 themes and of course there’s the natural split between free and paid themes to consider, but did you know that you can browse the Theme Store by simply searching for specific Shopify features?

That’s right, you read that correctly. While it’s great to know what’s hot and what’s affordable, we guess that you guys need a theme that performs a specific job and that’s where the store’s search and filtering options to find the right theme for your online store come into play.

Searching with Shopify features

So, how do you find themes with the specific features that you're looking for? To find the perfect theme that incorporates the features you’re looking for, head to the search bar on the top right-hand side of the screen when visiting the store.

Then, enter a feature search term such as ‘FAQ page’ to view the list of themes that include the specific feature. Merchants can then refine search results further by making use of the filters on the sidebar menu.

Of course, there are endless phrases which you could run your search and comparisons by, but for those of you who want some ideas and inspiration on the Shopify features which you could base your search upon, take a look at the list of key terms below:

Feature N0.1: FAQ Page


When searching ‘FAQ page’ into the search bar, Prestige is the first result and we like to consider the themes closest to the top of the page to view the best options.

Designed by Maestrooo Prestige has been created for the stores that require a website that can deliver premium, high-end brand appeal.

This is one of the website templates in today’s guide that is an OS 2.0 theme. The Shopify features in this design highly suit businesses in the; clothing, accessories, health, beauty, business equipment and supplies niche.

Already have a store with a small inventory or perhaps you have a physical store? If the answer is yes and you simply need editorial content, and visual storytelling elements on your business website, Prestige could be the best option for your brand for $250 USD.


The next result in the search is Responsive, a Shopify template designed by Out of the Sandbox. This Shopify theme allows businesses to streamline the focus towards their products and brand with full-width imagery.

Alongside an FAQ page, the Shopify features in this design include; home page menu lists, quick buy, marketing pop ups, colour swatches and a wide layout.

You can try out Responsive with an unlimited free trial. In short, you’ll only have to pay $180 USD for the theme if you decide to press publish.

Feature N0.2: Instagram Feed


After searching ‘Instagram gallery with hover effect’, Story is the Shopify template that appears. Designed by Groupthought, Story has been created for the noteworthy brands that need a storytelling theme.

In addition to a super-cool Instagram feed element, the Shopify features in this design include; custom forms, collection filtering in the sidebar, a lookbook feature, story-focused product pages, team showcase and the tell your story feature with Shopify’s built-in timeline tool.

This design is currently $180 USD within the Shopify Theme Store.


Alternatively, if you search ‘Instagram social proof’ into the search bar, Spark, the template by Fluorescent Design Inc. will appear. In a nutshell, Spark is a highly versatile theme designed for high impact and ease of use.

Alongside an Instagram feed, the Shopify features in this template include; colour schemes, two menu options, continuous product scrolling, customer testimonials, home and product page videos and quick product filtering.

Just like Story, Spark is also $180 USD in the Shopify Theme Store.

Feature N0.3: Product Filtering


Designed by Pixel Union, Empire is an Amazon-inspired theme optimised for the stores that have a large product catalogue.

This is another Shopify template in today’s guide that is an OS 2.0 theme. The Shopify features that can be found within Empire’s design are geared towards businesses in the; equipment, supplies, electronic, home and garden industries.

Does your business need to be able to drop ship orders to its customers or ship internationally? Empire is a great option for high-volume stores that need to do either or and can be achieved with this $300 USD template via the Shopify Store.


Designed by Mile High Themes, ShowTime is ideal for stores that have varied brand and product content.

Aside from the Shopify features included within this theme, ShowTime is a great option for; clothing, accessories, home, garden, sports and recreation brands.

ShowTime can support online stores with any inventory size alongside the businesses that need to drop-ship orders to their customers and a website with a quick setup. Have a high-volume store that fits the bill? Check out ShowTime on the Shopify Theme Store for $180 USD.

Feature N0.4: Quick Buy


Next up is Express, one of the many themes that have been created by Shopify to get merchants up and running online in no time.

Alongside the option for a quick buy, there are many Shopify features that this template has to offer such as; optimisation for one-page stores, a mobile-first design, a slide-out cart and featured collections displayed on the homepage.

Do you have a store with a small inventory? Express could be the best option for your business and the best news is that it is one of the free Shopify website templates on this list.


Another option from the vast list of Shopify website templates that contains the quick buy feature is Streamline. This template was designed by Archetype Themes to provide an eye-catching layout for merchants on Shopify’s platform.

Does your store fall within the; clothing, accessories, health, beauty, sports or recreation industry? Streamline could be a great fit for stores in these niches and what’s more, it can support businesses with any size inventory.

Need a website with a quick setup and visual storytelling capabilities? Check out Streamline in the Shopify Theme Store for $310 USD.

Feature N0.5: Related Products


Next up is Simple, a free theme that has been created by Shopify for merchants on the platform. The aim is in the name, but Simple, keeps things, well you know.

If a clean and minimal theme that showcases products is what you’re looking for, then look no further. Simple can show customers related products during their visit, but that’s not all. Other features include; a menu sidebar, a product image zoom, image animations and product recommendations.

Need a website that can strip things back to the basics? Check out Simple for free via the Shopify Theme Store.

Feature N0.6: Search Engine Optimisation


Another iconic freebie is Shopify’s latest theme release. Dawn is a Shopify OS 2.0 theme that is both modern and flexible, allowing merchants to express their brand to its full capabilities.

It’s great for stores in the; clothing, accessories, health, beauty, home and garden industries and can serve any catalogue size.

Need a store with a quick setup and visual storytelling capabilities? Check out Dawn in further detail via our article Dawn The Latest Theme For Shopify Design.


Fresh by Eight is the next of the Shopify website templates that have search optimisation features at the heart of its structure. This theme is clean and versatile designed primarily for food and drink stores. It’s also great for brands that have a large catalogue size.

Need to sell age-restricted products? Have a physical store or a large volume store? The Fresh theme by Eight will serve you well and it’s a one time purchase of $350 USD from the Shopify Theme Store.

Feature N0.7: Sticky Navigation


Enter Lorenza, the template by Fluorescent Design Inc.. This theme is a perfect fit for the brands that need an editorial-inspired design, perfect for boutique retailers.

Sticky navigation is at the core of this template, but there are some other Shopify features that we’d like to mention here too. Lorenza offers; two menu options, product filtering, an editorial style layout, parallax effects and colour swatches for merchants to utilise.

You can purchase this template directly from the Shopify Theme Store for $180 USD.


Another option from the vast list of Shopify website templates that contains the sticky navigation feature is Boundless. This template was designed by Shopify and you’ve guessed, it - it’s a free template!

Boundless is a minimalist theme that puts photography at the front and centre of its design, as it is optimised for large images, offers a single product gallery, full-width collection images, slideshows with a fading effect, home page videos and of course sticky navigation.

Feature N0.8: Homepage Video


Designed by Pixel Union is a modular, expansive theme for stores with large inventories.

Alongside the homepage video feature, a menu sidebar, multi-column menu, custom modules, homepage slideshow and product page tab are some of the key Shopify features listed here.

If this sounds like something your business needs, check out Pacific on an unlimited free trial. When you’re ready to press publish, all you have to do is pay a one time sum of $180 USD and that’s it!

So, that concludes today’s guide on how to browse the Theme Store by Shopify features. If you need a Shopify agency designer or developer to assist you with your business, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us an Drop us an email to get started!