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What Are The Latest Shopify Template Designs?

What Are The Latest Shopify Template Designs?↘

Coming in hot with the most recent additions to the Shopify Theme Store, the team at Shopify has highlighted 17 outstanding Shopify template designs that are accessible to merchants on the platform.

Today's guide has something special for every store on the platform, with designs that suit a variety of; styles, capacities, industries and trends.

So, without further delay, let’s take a look at some of the latest Shopify template designs to land on the ecommerce platform:

Quick Answer

If you're curious about the Shopify template designs that can be found within today's guide, here's a quick rundown of the Shopify themes and their creators who have made the cut:

1. Influence

2. Colorblock

3. Bullet

4. Expanse

5. Drop

6. Shapes

7. Mojave

8. Ride

9. North

10. Highlight

11. Andaman

12. Tailor

13. Baseline

14. Fresh

15. Spark

16. Foodie

17. Sense

N0.1: Influence

Designed by: Eight

Key Characteristics

N0.1: Mobile First Designs

You'll be up and selling in no time with this beautifully designed mobile-first Shopify template that includes more than 23 attractive sections and conversion-optimised templates.

N0.2: Maximise Engagement

Product engagement and sales will be boosted by utilising this theme’s; flexible menus, visual navigation, product filtering and strong predictive search.

N0.3: Boost your Store’s Sales

Craft your brand’s story with impact by implementing; bold typography, video elements and extensive imagery layouts within your Shopify template to boost sales.


N0.2: Colorblock

Designed by: Shopify

Key Characteristics

N0.1: Confident and Colourful Design

The Colorblock Shopify template by Shopify provides a stylish lookbook atmosphere created by the atypical text and customisable colour blocks that innovatively accentuate merchandise.

N0.2: Highlight Collections

With increased menu navigation and extensive filtering options, merchants on Shopify can highlight collections of any size.

N0.3: Advanced Customisation

Colorblock’s flexible design and customisation settings allow online stores to achieve their desired visions without having to touch any code.


N0.3: Bullet

Designed by: OpenThinking

Key Characteristics

N0.1: The Best Shopping Experience

Bullet walks hand in hand with all of the necessary tools and options for creating gorgeous online businesses and providing customers with the best possible shopping experience.

N0.2: Highlight your Store’s Products

In 2022, customers want to see what they're purchasing and the Bullet Shopify template makes it easier to highlight every feature of your store’s products.

N0.3: Outrageously Fast

Bullet always puts the pedal to the metal when it comes to theme speed.


N0.4: Expanse

Designed by: Archetype Themes

Key Characteristics

N0.1: Everything you Need to Succeed

More than 20 sections are now available everywhere, including; product sales points, meta fields, multiple landing, product and collection templates.

N0.2: Cross-Sell Like the Professionals

Rows of recommended products keep customers shopping by displaying more from current collections, encouraging cart upsells.

N0.3: Custom Promotion Designer

Keep your customers browsing by maximising product awareness with this Shopify template’s versatile custom promotion designer, which is now available on all templates.


N0.5: Drop

Designed by: We Are Underground

Key Characteristics

N0.1: Set Store Countdowns

Create excitement and establish dates for new launches, or create buyer urgency with a countdown to the conclusion of a sale, all without the involvement of third-party apps.

N0.2: Animate Product Grids

Auto-playing product videos can be used to animate product grids and collection pages through this theme.

N0.3: Free Lifetime Support and Updates

Receive free updates for a lifetime with the Drop Shopify template, regardless of future price or feature changes.


N0.6: Shapes

Designed by: Switch

Key Characteristics

N0.1: Shapes, Shapes and More Shapes

It's not hip to be square, so stand out from the crowd by displaying your photographs in a variety of shapes with this sleek Shopify template.

N0.2: Built-In Style Blocks

Add stickers, patterns, shapes and dividers to sections with ease. Take it from us, customising your store with this Shopify template will be some of the best fun you've ever had!

N0.3: Made for Consumables

Quick-buy, industry icons, comparison tables and flavour scales are all included within the Shapes theme.


N0.7: Mojave

Designed by: Digifist

Key Characteristics

N0.1: Designed to Convert

This Shopify template’s product pages have been designed to convert featuring multiple images. So, be sure to showcase your products the way you want them to be seen.

N0.2: Keep the Attention of your Customers

Let your products take centre stage with; large imagery, crisp lines and minimalistic fonts that keep your customer’s attention focused.

N0.3: Multi-Purpose Stores

This Shopify template is ideal for high-volume, multi-purpose businesses that sell a variety of garment styles.


N0.8: Ride

Designed by: Shopify

Key Characteristics

N0.1: Sports-Centric Design

Your store’s sporting items will stand out with this theme’s; dark backdrop, bold lettering and accent colours.

N0.2: Innovative Layouts

Unique Shopify templates and asymmetrical layouts enable you to showcase your store’s; products, teams and everything in between.

N0.3: Advanced Customisation

Utilise Ride’s flexible design and customisation settings to achieve your desired vision without having to touch any code.


N0.9: North

Designed by: Fuel Themes

Key Characteristics

N0.1: Multiple Product Page Layouts

Choose one of five alternative product page layouts through this Shopify template that best fit the needs of your brand and its target demographic.

N0.2: The Quick Shop Feature

Quick Shop allows you to highlight a collection of your choice, whilst engaging and selling to your audience more quickly.

N0.3: Stand Out from the Crowd

Choose from regular grids or alternating grids of varying column sizes to differentiate your online store from the crowd.


N0.10: Highlight

Designed by: Krown Themes

Key Characteristics

N0.1: Shoppers Won’t Miss A Thing

Display items, collections, brand information and promotions in a unique way so that your guests won't miss a thing.

N0.2: Asymmetrical Visual Flow

Spice up the visual flow with a creative Shopify template that helps each product stand out in your store.

N0.3: Additional Product Information

Utilise Highlight’s enriched product description area to better showcase key product features or benefits in an image slider or icons list view.


N0.11: Andaman

Designed by: Barracuda

Key Characteristics

N0.1: Rapid Product View

This theme's rapid product view helps customers to quickly add items to their cart.

N0.2: Compatible with Any Device

Andaman’s fully responsive design is ready for any device, as this Shopify template utilises a unique collection grid and drag-and-drop sections on every page to ensure that its layout will display flawlessly across the desktop and mobile.

N0.3: Check Status and Availability

Buyers can also check shipping and delivery information with this theme.


N0.12: Tailor

Designed by: Pixel Union

Key Characteristics

N0.1: Built for Fashion Merchants

Cross-sell photos and shoppable images, by turning your store into a personal stylist's office with features like a sizing chart built-in.

N0.2: Make Browsing A Breeze

With product labels that can be customised, quick add-to-cart buttons and colour samples on product cards make exploring store catalogues a breeze.

N0.3: Unlimited Growth Potential

Expand your catalogue without compromising your customer experience with; mega menus, meta fields, live search and customisable collections through this Shopify template.


N0.13: Baseline

Designed by: Switch

Key Characteristics

N0.1: Brutalist Designs

Be bright and colourful, or keep it simple and subtle. To create a distinctive appearance and feel, combine Baseline's grid, colour schemes and typography options within this Shopify template.

N0.2: Tell your Story

Display; menus, collections and goods, or tell your brand narrative using Baseline's text and navigation elements.

N0.3: Multiple Product Templates

Choose from a regular Shopify template with lots of features or a horizontal gallery template with lots of product images.


N0.14: Fresh

Designed by: Eight

Key Characteristics

N0.1: Built for Food and Drink Stores

Fresh is the perfect starting point for food and drink stores out there, as this theme offers merchants the chance to utilise three presets and unlimited possibilities for their business.

N0.2: Navigate Customer Searches

Advanced filtering by; brand, type, colour and size can help shoppers navigate products and refine their searches across a website.

N0.3: Audience Demographics

Check the age of your customers without the need for a third-party app with this Shopify template.


N0.15: Spark

Designed by: Fluorescent Design Inc.

Key Characteristics

N0.1: Big, Bold and Beautiful

This Shopify template enables merchants to showcase their brand's personality through a bold visual style, as it includes all of the; templates, sections and various header layouts required to build trust with your customers and generate sales.

N0.2: Snappy Loading

With streamlined navigation, currency, language choices and quick page loading times, Spark has been built to take mobile commerce globally.

N0.3: Designed by You

Designed in direct collaboration with merchants just like you, this theme’s features are loved by professional Shopify development agencies across the web.


N0.16: Foodie

Designed by: We Are Underground

Key Characteristics

N0.1: Built for Small Inventories

The Foodie theme is a versatile conversion-focused Shopify template for small inventory stores on Shopify.

N0.2: Industry Standards

This Shopify template design is ideal for businesses in the food and beverage, home and garden and health and beauty industries.

N0.3: Brick and Mortar Stores

Got yourself a physical store?

If you’re looking to take your small business online, the Foodie theme is an ideal option, offering visual storytelling capabilities to introduce your brand to the world of ecommerce.


N0.17: Sense

Designed by: Shopify

Key Characteristics

N0.1: Fresh and Bright Design

Energise your brand with these cutting-edge industry trends. Start by using a fresh colour palette alongside soft gradients that gently sit against curved elements.

Sense utilises this approach to guide browsers effortlessly through an ecommerce store.

N0.2: Enhanced Product Understanding

If you’re looking to establish that trust factor between your business and its customers, the Sense Shopify template promotes an enhanced product understanding, as shoppers can access; testimonials, videos and comprehensive product descriptions at their leisure.

N0.3: Advanced Customisation Options

Sense offers merchants a design with personalisable settings to ensure that the desired look and feel are achieved without the involvement of code.


So, that’s it from us for today’s article. We hope that you have found our guide to the latest Shopify template designs useful.

If you’re actively looking to work with a Shopify agency designer or developer to assist you with your business, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to get started!

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