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Shopify Launches Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Shopify Launches Enterprise Resource Planning Software↘

The Shopify platform launched an exclusive Global Enterprise Resource Planning Software Program that enables select partners to build integrations straight into the Shopify App Store.

For the first time in the platform’s history, Shopify has partnered directly with ERP providers across the globe to achieve direct app store integrations and currently, the partner list includes; Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Oracle NetSuite, Infor, Acumatica and Brightpearl. However, it is suspected that more recognisable names will follow in due course.

The Enterprise Resource Planning Software Program

The Enterprise Resource Planning Software Program provides all active partners with ongoing support from the Shopify Developer Success team during the stages of app-building.

Additionally, Shopify has noted that the team will provide merchants with confirmation if an app meets the platform’s high standards of performance and user experience.

The Shopify Plus Certified App Partner Program

Currently, it is estimated that more than 10,000 merchants are utilising Shopify Plus to manage their online store’s inventory volume and complexity. However, Shopify’s Global Enterprise Resource Planning Software will provide a centralised system that connects the commerce platform to key business data.

Key data includes financials and inventory information so, online retailers will also be able to optimise their operations and processes even further.

Through the Global Enterprise Resource Planning Software Program, merchants on the Shopify platform will now be able to access a suite of certified apps that directly integrate with Shopify. So, with this program, there’s no need to rely on third-party implementations.

Shopify’s Vice President on The Global ERP Program

Mark Bergen, the Vice President at Shopify stated:

- “At Shopify, we support businesses during all stages of their journey, from the first sale to full scale. Regardless of size, maturity or complexity, merchants can thrive with confidence on Shopify.
- With the launch of the Global ERP Program, we’re demonstrating our investment in supporting our enterprise merchants. We’re excited to partner with Microsoft, NetSuite, Infor, Acumatica, and Brightpearl to collaborate with the best in ERP.
- Together, we’re driving a reinvention of enterprise commerce. By giving our merchants the power to manage the complexity of their business operations at scale.”

By activating apps directly through the Global ERP Program, merchants will be able to enjoy:

N0.1: Workflow Connections

Seamless connections between workflows lead to data-informed decisions and applications and within the Global ERP, Program workflows are connected to a merchants’ ERP accounts.

So, by integrating ERP systems with commerce operations, merchants can generate accurate and up-to-date; inventory, product, order and customer data.

Data is a vital aspect of business, especially when critical decisions are being made, so provide your store's customers with flawless commerce experiences time and time again with the help of the ERP Program.

N0.2: Controlled Data

With the Enterprise Resource Planning Software, merchants will be able to control their data whilst installing apps that are certified and recognised by the Global ERP Program.

Consequently, merchants will be able to ensure that proprietary data will seamlessly and securely flow directly between their Shopify admin and their ERP. So, there's no need to connect with a third-party implementation.

N0.3: Saved Time and Money

Shopify has stated that the programme will enable merchants to save time and money, as the software integrates directly with certified ERP partners so, merchants will be able to avoid the time-consuming and expensive process of managing customised implementations.

With fewer applications needed to run a business effectively, merchants on the Shopify platform can begin to introduce more automation, making online operations even more efficient than before.

David Morgan, the Senior Director of Ecommerce at J.Lindeberg commented:

- “Connecting our ERP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, with our Shopify storefront will be a gamechanger for our business. With the rapid pace of change in our industry over the past year. It’s now more critical than ever for us to have deep, accurate and immediate insights on all areas across our organisation.
- We’re excited about connecting our ERP with Shopify to optimise our data-driven decision making. This will benefit our business and our customers.”

Additionally, Stuart Pick, the Vice President at Global Alliances Brightpearl added:

- “The Shopify Global ERP Program is a fantastic addition for larger merchants. We are delighted to be a featured partner where large commerce firms can now quickly connect with enterprise partners.
- As they’re Shopify-endorsed, they can trust in their ability to streamline and automate retail operations. Level up end-to-end commerce capabilities and enhance experiences for their end customers.”

Smarter Enterprise

The ability to adapt in the face of change can make or break a business and this is especially true for complex large-scale and high-volume retail businesses that have needed to radically transform their operations.

Alongside this, such businesses need to be able to simultaneously keep their finger on the pulse of the technological changes that best serve their brand’s customers.

We’ve seen some smart enterprises radically transform their approach to commerce and how they serve shoppers by recognising the need to pivot their business to survive.

In a nutshell, for established large-scale businesses to be able to continue succeeding in such a highly competitive environment, all online retailers need to be able to access real-time insights from connected data.

Connected data is a crucial component for online teams who strive to; adapt faster, work smarter and perform better and Shopify’s Enterprise Resource Planning Software works hard to streamline this process, by effectively cutting out the middleman.

As a result, the program will effectively allow retailers to configure ERP solutions directly themselves through the use of extensions. It’ll be interesting to see how other large ecommerce platforms react to this move but need we say, it’s likely that many other online platforms will begin to follow this trend.

So, what are your thoughts on the ERP software that has landed on the Shopify platform? Reach out and let us know. If you’re actively looking to work with a Shopify agency designer or developer to assist you with your business, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to get started!

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