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5 Shopify Apps To Boost Sales Conversion Rates

5 Shopify Apps To Boost Sales Conversion Rates↘

Shopify offers merchants on the platform a selection of over 3800 apps to choose from - all of which have been designed to boost a store’s performance.

However, many applications have been designed to improve sales conversion rates for each business that utilises them.

So, for today's article, we thought we would highlight 5 of the best apps to download from the Shopify app store that will improve sales conversion rates.

Additionally, we will also be sharing how Shopify merchants can reap the most benefit from each application featured within today's guide, starting with Fast Checkout:

N0.1: Fast Checkout

Feature Plugin - $4.49 per month

Fast Checkout is a page feature plugin that enables merchants to remove a step from the conversion funnel.

This application is of exceptionally great value and provides a store’s customers with an alternative way to finalise their purchase.

With Fast Checkout in place, merchants will be able to; edit the text, change the design and even add animation to their CTA (call-to-action) button.

How Does Fast Checkout Increase Sales Conversion Rates?

Fast Checkout adds the 'Go-To Checkout' button to each product page within a Shopify store, removing the need for a site’s browsers to add each item to their basket before making a purchase.

As we're sure you all know, the majority of abandoned carts take place before a customer has entered the checkout process.

So this shorter sales funnel is more efficient, making Fast Checkout one of the best apps to download from the app store to improve conversions.

Fast Checkout

N0.2: Privy

Pop-Ups and Email Marketing - $0 - $500 per month

In a nutshell, Privy is a comprehensive system that includes; exit-intent pop-ups, remarketing, retargeting and email campaigns. It’s important to note that Privy has been rated the #1 app in the Shopify app store and is currently used by over 300,000 small businesses.

How Does Privy Increase Sales Conversion Rates?

Privy allows online retailers to engage their site’s users whilst visiting the store with fly-outs and pop-ups. Ultimately, this means that merchants can increase their company’s conversion rates with special offers and promotions.

Additionally, this handy application can be used to grow a mailing list. Merchants can even take advantage of this feature to send abandoned cart emails and implement a successful email marketing strategy.


N0.3: Growave

Social Proof and Customer Loyalty - $0 - $299 per month

Growave is a customer engagement solution that combines several features offered by similar solutions on the app store in one place.

By integrating this application alongside multiple social media channels, merchants will then be able to leverage user-generated content to keep the brand’s content both fresh and compelling.

How Does Growave Increase Sales Conversion Rates?

Growave’s efficient review feature allows stores on Shopify to import and display product reviews with ease and as we’re sure you will know, product reviews are a great way to build trust between a company and its customers.

We here at Karmoon want to praise the ‘wishlist’ feature, as this creates an alternative CTA (call-to-action) that will help to keep customers in line with the store’s conversion funnel - even if browsers are not quite ready to make a purchase.

Additionally, the ‘rewards’ and ‘automated email’ capabilities allow merchants to engage with customers after they have made a purchase which ultimately works wonders when it comes to increasing customer loyalty and lifetime value.


N0.4: Shogun

Landing Page Builder - $39 - $149 per-month

Did you know that Shogun is the most popular landing page builder on Shopify?

With a simple design interface, anyone can create high-converting landing pages for their Shopify store and due to the variety of templates available, Shogun is one of the most popular page-builders for businesses on the platform.

How Does Shogun Increase Sales Conversion Rates?

Not only does Shogun provide templates for merchants that have been built by experts within the ecommerce industry, the application also supplies users with several bolt-on features that boost sales conversion rates.

For instance, each page type walks hand in hand with its own set of elements such as; contact forms, free shipping bars, personalised recommendations and frequently bought together elements.


N0.5: Optimonk

Pop-Ups - $0 - 199 per-month

Last but not least, Optimonk is one of the best apps to download within today’s guide.

For those of you who have not stumbled across Optimonk before, this application provides templates for four different types of on-page messages.

For instance; pop-ups, nano-bars, sidebars and full-screen messages are the formats of display that can be found through this application.

Once implemented, these messages can then be used to; offer discounts, encourage social sharing or capture email leads.

It’s important to note that when visitors are encouraged to interact with a pop-up element, the chances of the browser taking the desired action(s) across the website will increase.

How Does Optimonk Increase Sales Conversion Rates?

The Optimonk app offers a huge number of stylish templates for merchants to change up their on-site messages.

On appearance, the pop-ups are clean and stylish and can be customised to blend in with unique branding. However, we believe that pop-ups are most effective when used as part of a wider conversion strategy.

Therefore, if you are growing (or are planning to grow) a formidable mailing list, we’d recommend doing something with those contacts with the help of an email marketing strategy.


We’ve dropped the info so, now it’s your turn to pick the most suitable sales conversion application(s) for your business.

If you’re actively looking to work with a Shopify agency designer or developer to assist you with your business, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to get started!

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