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3 Free Themes Designed With Industry Trends

3 Free Themes Designed With Industry Trends↘

Coming in with the hottest drop of the month, the team at Shopify have announced the release of 3 free OS2.0 themes which have been curated with leading industry trends in mind.

The nature of each design has been established to enable Shopify merchants to hit the ground running with their core, customisable features.

Crave, Sense and Craft are the latest layouts to be made available for download via the Shopify Theme Store, where no coding knowledge or experience is required.

So, without further delay, let’s take a look at some of the fastest templates on the platform for businesses within the; food and beverage, health and beauty and home and décor sectors:

N0.1: Crave

Designed by: Shopify

Meet Crave, the latest theme for food and beverage based businesses on Shopify.

With an eye-catching configuration that's optimised for shopping on the go, Crave is the ideal free Shopify theme for food and drink retailers on the platform.

Additionally, Crave is a fantastic solution for the stores that require a theme that will; support a large product inventory, provide visual storytelling elements and maintain a quick setup process.

Key Characteristics

N0.1: Vibrant & Playful Design

Crank up the fun with bold colour combinations and distinct shadows that demand attention from browsers, as Crave plays on current industry trends while showcasing the brand’s personality to its customers.

N0.2: For Buyers On-The-Go

With Crave, merchants on Shopify can meet buyers wherever they are, by utilising a variety of mobile-optimised layouts and dynamic checkout options.

N0.3: Advanced Customisation Options

Furthermore, this free Shopify theme offers online stores a flexible design with customisable settings so that the desired vision can be achieved without the use of code.


N0.2: Sense

Designed by: Shopify

Meet Sense, the latest design for health and beauty based brands on Shopify.

This energising theme features an extensive product layout, making this design highly suited for the stores that reside within the health and beauty industry.

Sense is the ideal solution for brands that are working with a small to medium-sized product inventory - and just like Crave, this free Shopify theme offers merchants the ability to set up shop within a short time frame, in addition to upholding visual storytelling capabilities.

Key Characteristics

N0.1: Fresh & Bright Design

Energise your brand with these cutting-edge industry trends. Start by using a fresh colour palette alongside soft gradients that gently sit against curved elements.

Sense utilises this approach to guide browsers effortlessly through an ecommerce store.

N0.2: Enhanced Product Understanding

If you’re looking to establish that trust factor between your business and its customers, the Sense theme promotes an enhanced product understanding, as shoppers can access; testimonials, videos and comprehensive product descriptions at their leisure.

N0.3: Advanced Customisation Options

Just like Crave, Sense offers merchants a design with personalisable settings to ensure that the desired look and feel are achieved without the involvement of code.


N0.3: Craft

Designed by: Shopify

Meet Craft, the latest layout for home and decor based stores on Shopify.

As you might have already guessed, Craft is a refined theme that celebrates craftsmanship, making this design ideally suited to the brands that reside within the home and garden sector.

Craft can support all stores with any catalogue size, whilst offering a structure that incorporates visual storytelling and a speedy set-up process.

Key Characteristics

N0.1: Honest & Authentic Design

Craft offers Shopify merchants a subtle yet refined design that includes generous spacing and elegant typography to make content shine.

N0.2: Elevated Storytelling

As you may have noticed, one of the core industry trends that runs throughout each of these themes is the need to embody storytelling capabilities.

Therefore, with Craft, merchants will be able to showcase their brand and what it stands for with sections and templates that support rich and compelling narratives.

N0.3: Advanced Customisation Options

Furthermore, Craft offers seamless and customisable design settings which can be altered to achieve the perfect vibe and functionality without the involvement of code.


Don’t Forget Dawn

Dawn was the very first free open source Shopify theme to launch within the OS2.0 family and now the collection is expanding.

Built for modern browsers with the latest industry trends with developer tooling at the helm, Dawn is a minimalist theme that enables product images to take centre stage.

Dawn is also considered to be the fastest free theme on Shopify so, check out the link above to discover the ins and outs of this next-level design via the Shopify Theme Store.

The Free Shopify Theme Collection

Fancy taking a look at the collection of OS2.0 free Shopify theme templates? Explore the range of layouts and designs on the platform using the link provided.

So, that’s it from us for today’s article. We hope that you have found our guide to the latest industry-lead themes inspiring.

If you’re actively looking to work with a Shopify agency designer or developer to assist you with your business, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to get started!

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